They’re expensive…

Here are few tips to save you money


  • Don’t buy buttonholes for all your guests. Only buy for the main wedding party.


  • If you’re getting married in a different location to your reception, any flowers you have there can be transferred to your reception venue. For instance, pew ends could be used along your top table. A Pedestal arrangement that was used at the service could be placed in the entrance/hallway of your venue or behind the top table.


  • What are you going to do with all those vases from the guest tables. Ask your florist about hiring vases, candelabras etc.


  • Make a gift of a table centre to people who have helped you with the wedding. This can be done by leaving a thank you note at their seat at the table or stick a raffle ticket under the chair they’re sitting on. You can get the best man to make an announcement during his speech


  • Serve the wedding cake as dessert

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