When I asked Beryl if she would do the Bouquet for my wedding, I did have a few ground rules.  The theme for my wedding was red, it had been my Mum’s favourite colour and the wedding coincided with the 10th anniversary of when she had died.  I also wanted to pay an additional tribute to both of my Grandmothers who had also passed away when I was much younger.  One Grandmother was called Ivy and the other was called Lillian, so I had no preference on what wedding flowers I had as long as the bouquet was red and contained ivy, lilies and freesias (which is my favourite flower).  Apart from that I trusted Beryl and gave her free reign on the style of my bouquet and what other flowers she used.

I can’t begin to say how fabulous everything was and I was delighted with the work that Beryl did for me, I couldn’t have wished for anything more beautiful, so much so that I had it 3D preserved and framed and I now have a stunning and constant reminder of my wedding day – I can’t thank her enough.

Pauleen wedding flowers
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