The Funeral flower price list will help knowing how much things are. Depending on your budget, we have a beautiful range of sympathy flower arrangements to meet your needs. To make things even easier, we’ll deliver them for you.

We only buy flowers that you want so we ask you to give us at least three days notice so that we can order your flowers and make something beautiful for you.


prices from

 Coffin Spray £100.00


prices from

Mum £120.00

Dad £120.00

Nan £120.00

Son £120.00

Any word made, per letter £40.00


prices from

Open £100.00

Solid £100.00

Double £200.00

Special Shapes

prices from

Teddie £150.00

Anchor £100.00

Harp £150.00

Angel £100.00

Shamrock £150.00

Gates of Heaven £150.00

Dart Board   £200.00

Bespoke design  price on application

Religious Symbols

prices from

Cross (3ft)£100.00


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